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Our Team

Craig R. Frank - Chairman

Craig, a native New Yorker, is Tudog's Chairman. He served as CEO from the Company's founding in 1998 until 2009 and led the company's efforts to link strategy with performance through the development and execution of highly innovative business practices. Craig formulated and constructed Tudog's broad range of business services designed to promote profitability and create value. With Tudog Craig worked with more than 200 companies from 15 business sectors and 22 countries. Craig co-founded Tudog to focus on the development and execution of marketing based value creation strategies and tactics. Since then, Tudog has grown to include a wide array of critical business services.

Craig is currently the Chairman and CEO of Alternative Fuels Americas (AFAI), an innovative biodiesel company pioneering new strategies and tactics for the mass production of biodiesel in Latin America. AFAI is a publicly traded company. For more information on AFAI please visit www.alternativefuelsamericas.com

Craig lectures widely on business and marketing matters at universities and conferences, including regular lectures at Florida International University, guest lectures at Florida Intercontinental University, workshop presentation at The Sterling Council Annual Conference, and keynote appearances at the World Association of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Annual Conference (Romania), and the International Conference on Project Management (Israel). Craig is also widely published, with guest columns in a number of newsletters and magazines, including the Guatemala-America Chamber of Commerce Magazine, Romania Business Alliance Newsletter, and The Source for Business. Craig is a 5 time volunteer with USAID, for which he has given seminars and marketing and business training in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Craig serves on the Board of Directors of the publicly traded American Locker Group (ALGI) and served as Chairman of the Board of Netspace International Holdings (NSIH). He has served on the Boards of Advisors of Trade Layers and Ombek. Craig also served on the Board of Directors of the Neve Michael Children's Village, an Israeli home for underprivileged children and the Board of Advisors of the Pino Global Entrepreneurship Center at Florida International University. Craig is a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces.


David Feingersch - Chief Executive Officer

David was appointed Tudog CEO in December 2009. He hails from New York and arrived in Florida via Tel Aviv, where he lived for 6 years. David has served as East Coast IT Coordinator for CD&L and Velocity Express, integrating state-of-the-art technologies into their day-to-day operations. Prior to his assuming the CEO position David led Tudog's growth in the technology sectors, broadening the Company's client base. David has David has worked with Tudog since 2002. He is a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces.


Matt Kassin - Chief Operating Officer

Matt has more than two decades of successful sales and sales management experience in such diverse market segments as telecommunications, consumer package goods and sales & presentation skills training. Matt entered the online space in 1999 with NetGravity, an interactive advertising technology company that was soon to be merged into DoubleClick, becoming the internet's single largest provider of ad serving technology. While at DoubleClick, Matt forged key alliances with some of the web's most premier interactive publishers working within media, technology and data contexts. In 2000, Matt joined Real Media as the Director of Strategic Technology Sales responsible for initiating and developing relationships with key online publishers, driving large scale deals and providing Real Media with significant revenue opportunities and real market presence and credibility. When 24/7 acquired Real Media in 2002, Matt continued to direct all high level sales efforts, concentrating on key portal, network and publisher deals. Matt's success with crafting business partnerships with such properties as Jupiter Media, CBS Marketwatch.com, Gannet's Interactive Group, Foxnews.com and the Weather Channel.com became the cornerstone to Real Media's technology platform, Open Adstream, being recognized as the industry's number one ad serving technology. Matt brings his extensive sales and online experience to Tudog.


Arsen Arabadzhi - Chief Creative Officer

Arsen was born and raised in Ukraine. After a distinguished career in the military and as a senior official in the Ukrainian Ministry of Coal, Arsen retired from public life to pursue his interest in graphic design and the Internet. Arsen relocated to the United States in 2005 and applies his more than 6 years of design and web development experience to the benefit of Tudog's clients.


Phil Chusid - Vice President, Sales

Phil has more than 10 years experience in sales, working directly with companies to meet their needs and solve their problems. Phil's sales philosophy is customer service oriented, and he has applied his knowledge at Sterling Protective Group, Millennium Flowers, Inc., The Berkley Group, and others.


David Gilad - Board Member

Originally from Boston, David served as Israel's Economic Attaché to France from 1996 to 1999, encouraging economic ties and promoting Israeli businesses in the European market. Prior to his appointment, David spent 8 years heading major telecommunication projects for the Israeli government, managing large R&D teams and implementing time critical projects. David's last posting was as the Division Chief - Telecommunications in the Prime Ministers Office. Upon returning from France, David served as the CEO of EchoData one of the first companies to deliver wireless location based services to cellular operators. David has also served as Chief Executive Officer of Ombek, and Chief Operational Officer of CountWise. He is currently CEO of Prestige Strategies, a business development firm. David joined Tudog in 2001 and ran the Tudog Israel office until 2004. He continues to be key in the development and implementation of all Tudog projects and contributes to the advancement of Tudog business concepts. David is a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces.


Latest News

  • 21 March 2017, 01:43 Tudog Client Kaya Holdings Opens Third Store

    Kaya Shack, a Tudog client, has announced that it has opened its third marijuana dispensary. The dispensary is located in Salem, Oregon and is of the Company’s "superstore" model, allowing for concept innovations and a broadening of the Kaya Shack brand. Tudog’s Chairman, Craig Frank, serves as Kaya Holdings’ CEO. Kaya Holdings is the parent company of Kaya Shack.

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  • 23 January 2017, 01:42 Tudog Client Revolutionary Tracker Partners with Samsung

    Tudog is proud to announce that its client – Revolutionary Tracker – has secured a platform development agreement with Samsung. Revolutionary Tracker is a leading independent designer of advanced wearable computer equipment for special markets, such as children and the elderly.

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